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What herbs go with what meat? Here's the best pairings.

After buying a beautiful assortment of our fresh, SEASON herbs, you’ll want to know the basics of adding them to your meals, that’s why we’ve put together this guide on what herbs go with what meat. This will let you know both the classics to cooking with herbs and some things you’ve likely never done before!

What herbs pair with chicken?

One of the most popular foods, chicken is a common sight on many people’s plates, but since it’s eaten so often, it can become rather plain.

Garlic Chives, with their oniony aroma, pair great with Chicken, giving it that onion and garlic flavoured bite, but with a bonus fresh taste too.

Tarragon adds a unique twist to chicken with its sweet bitterness, try it and transform your meal into something completely new.

Oregano tastes like a blend of sweetness and spice, perfect for chicken, if you’re looking to add some flair then this is the herb to go with.

Thyme is a perfect pairing with chicken with its woodsy, earthy taste and a subtle hint of lemon.

What herbs go with fish | Season Herbs

What herbs pair with fish?

Fish tastes great with a slice of lemon, but what about trying Lemon Thyme instead? This citrus variety of Thyme is a wonderful topper to Salmon, as it will give your seafood that much needed lemony zest, while also highlighting the meals natural flavours.

Fennel and fish, it even sounds like it works, and it does, as Fennel has a mild, Anise-like taste to it that brightens the dish, and it even works as pretty decoration too.

Curly Parsley is another great choice, as biting into those curly leaves creates a fresh crunch that adds both flavour and texture to your dish, only getting better when washed in some cool water.


What herbs go with steak | Season Herbs

What herbs pair with steak?

The earthy and slightly sweet taste to Rosemary is a common paring with steak, and rightfully so, as the two go great together. Flat Leaf Parsley has a clean and sort of peppery flavour, giving steak that spicy boost without being overpowering. Purple Sage leaves an impression of Rosemary and pine on the tastebuds, plus it’s beautiful colour, this variety is a perfect choice to top your steak with. 

What herbs pair with lamb?

Lamb is easy to add herbs to, commonly paired with roasted Rosemary for that smoky and peppery taste, certainly a classic for a reason. Mint is another go-to choice as it enhances that similar minty taste that lamb has, simply making it better and more bold. Lavender is also a great match, as its flavour is a combination of the Rosemary and Mint that already pair well with lamb, adding a more floral taste to it too, making it great for the adventurous sort.

What herbs pair with pork?

Golden Oregano has that classic spicy bitterness, with an added bonus of looking gorgeous, making it not only an interesting dish to taste, but also amazing to present. Others have tried both Mint and apples with pork, but what about Apple Mint? Your cooking will definitely stand out after you put this on the table. Or, you could always go with Green Ginger Rosemary, as its ginger aroma works to spice up your meal, and it tastes great when used to make stuffing. 

What herbs pair with rabbit?

Described as peppery and sweet, Greek Basil is a good contrast to the naturally stronger, drier and earthy taste of rabbit, definitely good for those with a refined taste. Sage is a mix of peppery, lemony and earthy flavours, all of which make the rabbit even more flavoursome. But, if you’re look for something to give a refreshing burst to this drier meat, then you should go with Coriander and its floral and citrusy taste.

So, now you know a few common combinations and some new ones, but why stop there? Experiment for yourself and find the perfect pairings. Food is such an important part of our lives, so make the most of it and start adding our flavourful, fresh herbs to your meals. Let us know what you discover by following our socials, and get to cooking!

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