With years of experience in growing herbs, we’re not afraid to say that we know a thing or two about producing a top-quality plant. Our glasshouses enable us to control the conditions our herbs are grown in to ensure that every herb that leaves our care is strong and healthy.

Not only that but we have a pretty special combination of industry-leading technology and Grower expertise so we’re able to do all of this with minimum impact on the environment. 

About Season Herbs

In a sleepy corner of West Sussex, tucked between the South Downs and the coast line, our glasshouses offer the perfect conditions all year round to grow our herbs. These conditions allow us to not only ensure our plants are of the highest quality but that everything is food safe – ready to go straight into your culinary creations!


We’re also passionate about the environment and working sustainably. We were the first UK pot herb grower to move out of black plastic pots and now all our pots are recycled and recyclable. We encourage biodiversity through actively managing the areas at our nursery, we manage wildflower areas to ensure all our important pollinators are encouraged. We’re targeting Net Zero 2040 and constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. All the water we use for irrigation in our glasshouses is recycled making us net zero water in our growing processes. We’re also working towards growing in peat free substrates and eliminating plastic altogether from our pots. That’s a long list and we’ve got more to share with you but hopefully that gives you a flavour of the actions we’re taking to ensure we’re a sustainable grower.

Without ruining too many surprises, we’ve actually got quite a lot we’d like to share with you – from meeting our growers to trying our favourite herby recipes, to learning a little more about what makes our herbs so special.

We’d also like to get to know you! What are your favourite herbs? What are your favourite recipes? Where have you potted your rosemary or basil? Why not start with a quick ‘hello’ in the comments below, it’d be great to have a shout out from you or let us know which corner of the country you’re in! We’re here on email too – drop us a line at hello@seasonherbs.co.uk if you’ve got anything else you’d like to share.

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Sustainably Grown

Committed on our journey to net zero

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Over 30 years of industry leading research

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