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Garlic Chives


Pot Size : 1L

The physical difference between the Chive and Garlic Chives plant (Allium Tuberosum) is that its leaves grow wider and flatter with a garlicky scent and taste. Also called Chinese Chives, because of being native to the Chinese province of Shanxi, it has become a popular plant used throughout Asia and worldwide. Maintaining Garlic Chives is easy; water when needed, as even though these plants are drought tolerant, they still need some moisture around their roots.

ENJOY: Chinese Chives' flowers can be eaten (try in salads) or used in the flat wide stems in cooking - great in Asian dishes - try in a stir fry!

Flowers late summer.

Height: 0.1 – 0.5 metres

Spread: 0.1 – 0.5 metres

Flowers: White

Chives vs Garlic Chives 

Visually, the two plants are very similar, but you will notice Garlic Chives have thinner blades. The main difference is potency and taste; Chinese Chives provide a strong garlic flavour, whereas normal Chives taste more like onion and pair well with vegetables, such as potatoes. 


Soil: Well Drained

Light Conditions: Sunny

Frost Tolerance: Frost tolerant to -10

Garlic Chives
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