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Lavender Platinum Blonde 2L

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Pot Size : 2L

The Lavender Platinum Blonde plant is a captivating lavender variety with extraordinary gold and green variegated leaves that create a stunning contrast in your garden. This distinctive herb showcases dense spikes of beautiful blue flowers in the summer, making it a must-have for any garden.

Height: 0.5 – 1 metres

Spread: 0.1 – 0.5 metres

Flowers: Dusty Purple or Soft

Common Lavender Varieties

Season offers nine varieties of Lavender in total, all professionally grown in our Sussex glasshouses to ensure you get the highest quality plant. However, what are the main differences between each type of Lavender? Here is a summary so you can choose the best plant for your kitchen garden:

Lavender Platinum Blonde

The Lavender Platinum Blonde variety has light leaves that follow the stems up the plant and is great for decorating your kitchen garden or for use in bouquet arrangements. It is compact and can grow in smaller spaces.

Lavender Grosso

With long stems and a rich floral taste, Lavender Grosso grows spaciously and is great for filling empty spots in the garden. Its wonderful fragrance will attract lots of insects and pollinators. 

Lavender Hidcote

Lavender Hidcote has a distinctive flavour which is like a floral blend between rosemary and mint. It grows faster than other varieties and can produce a plentiful crop for perfumes and drying. 

Lavender Stoechas

This French variety can be recognised by its unique bulb shaped stems with light purple petals at the top. With light floral notes this lavender works great for indoor growing. 

Lavender Munstead

Munstead grows into a uniform shrub and makes a great choice for growing in sunny locations such as a balcony or window sill. It is also able to withstand less watering than other varieties. 

Lavender Rosea

This variety stands out due to the pale pink colour of its buds and flowers. It is also very hardy and can withstand low temperatures and more extreme conditions. 

Lavender Folgate

You’ll recognise Lavender Folgate due to its deep and vibrant purple colours. A wonderful herb to cook with or to add to a syrup, honey or jam. 

Lavender Melissa Lilac

Light lilac colour with tiny flowers that bloom close together on the stem. Perfect to brighten up areas of your herb garden that do not get as much water. 

Lavender Imperial Gem

Striking deep purple buds and flowers that bloom for longer than any other variety (towards the end of the summer months). Great for attracting wildlife to the garden.


Light Conditions: Partially shaded

Frost Tolerance: Frost tolerant to -20

Lavender Platinum Blonde 2L
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